San Francisco’s busiest month of the year is August so it is wise to book a room early. This year, in particular, booking early will be important as San Francisco is home to the America’s Cup, an international competitive sailing event that is expected to attract many tourists to the Bay Area this summer.

There are hundreds of hotels and bed and breakfasts in San Francisco. Using, you can search your options by price range and see reviews and photos. Often, you can use to bid on hotel stays at the larger hotel chains and get rooms for less than the rack rates listed online. Cheaper stays can be found in Downtown Oakland or Berkeley, which is a short BART train ride away from San Francisco.

Privately owned room rentals and vacation rentals

SF hotels, bed and breakfasts, and vacation rentals

Reviews of SF hotels and bed and breakfasts

Recommended lodging within walking distance of City College SF, Mission Campus
The Inn San Francisco, $150 and up/night
The Parker Guest House, $150 and up/night

Recommended under $75/night
Park Hotel, Downtown
Twin Peaks Hotel, small rooms without a bath, email:
Carl Hotel, Cole Valley

Recommended $75-150/night
The Metro Hotel, Haight/Ashbury, $70 and up/night

Recommended $150 and up/night
The Parsonage Bed and Breakfast, Lower Haight/Hayes Valley, $220- $250/night
Chancellor Hotel, Union Square Downtown, $200-$225/night

Travel Guides
San Francisco Travel
Fodor’s San Francisco Travel Guide

Want help finding a short-term rental in San Francisco?
Finding a short term rental in San Francisco can be challenging, especially when you are not familiar with the rental market or the neighborhoods.  Consider hiring Stephanie LeBeau, a licensed real estate professional and long-time parent leader in San Francisco public schools, to assist your search for a short term rentastephaniel. She can ensure that your transition runs smoothly and in a timely manner. An ideal option if you’re traveling with family or friends and prefer to stay in a short-term rental, rather than in a hotel, while visiting the Bay Area!

For more details, call Stephanie at 1.415.756.8887 or email her:


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