I’d love to visit some local ESL programs. Will there be site visits at LESLLA 2013?

YES! City College of San Francisco has a large ESL literacy program, spread over several campuses. Although the College won’t be in session, you are invited to visit literacy classrooms at two campuses of City College of San Francisco, Mission and Chinatown, and talk with literacy teachers about curriculum and materials. 

Mission Campus: 1125 Valencia, San Francisco (the site of the LESLLA 2013)
Tuesday, August 6, 10:00am

Chinatown Campus: 808 Kearny St. at Washington Street, San Francisco Tuesday, August 6, 1:00pm

There is no charge for these site visits. But please let us know you’re joining us.  To sign up, please email Anne Whiteside at awhitesi@ccsf.edu

Will there be internet access at LESLLA 2013?

YES! There will be public access to Wi-Fi in the following areas:  registration/lobby, exhibit/poster area (room 108), and the keynote room (room 109/theater).  In addition, Room 323 is a computer lab where attendees can check email via 30 networked terminals.  A printer is available for limited printing: attendees are welcome to print boarding passes, and presenters can print single copies of presentation handouts. Finally, the following presentation rooms will feature guest login to Wi-Fi: Rooms 319, 320, and 321. The guest login information will be posted in these rooms, so that presenters and attendees will have access to the internet during sessions scheduled for these rooms.

Is my attendance at LESLLA 2013 supporting local San Francisco businesses?

YES! Be sure to check out your Program Book Insert for a list of local restaurants who welcome LESLLA 2013 attendees. Several restaurants are offering DISCOUNTS or SPECIAL OFFERS when you show your LESLLA 2013 badge! Our LESLLA 2013 team worked with these wonderful small businesses:  FarmgirlFlowers, Vivas Banners and Signs, SF State Campus Graphics, Cafe Rosso, and Poc Chuc Restaurant.

I’d like to get in touch with other conference attendees who would like to (1) share rides to/from the airport, (2) join me on a tour to Napa (Monterey, Gilroy outlets, etc), or (3) explore the city of San Francisco and Bay Area together? How can I get in touch with other attendees?

GREAT IDEA! There will be a bulletin board in the lobby area of LESLLA 2013 where you can post a “want ad” (example: I’d like to share a cab ride to SFO International on Saturday am at 9am from the Parker Guest House.  Contact: Barack, 1-206-555-555) and read other “want ads”.  Post as many times as you’d like.  Check back often!

What’s the weather like in San Francisco in early August?

August is typically a dry month in San Francisco so it’s not likely to rain, but you will need a warm, hooded jacket, and a sweater or two. If you plan on bringing shorts and a t-shirts, that may be a good idea for a couple hours in the afternoon…but when the fog and cool winds roll in, you’ll wish you had warmer clothing for sure!  If you forgot to bring a warm jacket, no worries: head to Fisherman’s Wharf to pick up a $15 fleece jacket or sweatshirt. The local businesses will love that you thought San Francisco was going to warm this time of year!!!


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