Program Schedule Day by Day


Thanks to CCSF ESL teacher Denise McCarthy, we have a beautiful program book which everyone will get at the conference.  This downloadable version is missing its cover, but you can still preview the program contents.  See also our program update for session cancellations, additions, and room changes.

CHECK OUT DAILY SCHEDULES (click on the date):

  • LESLLA 2013 Roundtable Discussions: Next Steps for LESLLA Educators
    Friday, August 9, 11:15am-12:15, Room 109 (Theater)

After three days of intense sharing and thinking together about LESLLA teaching and learning, let’s take a moment to pause, reflect, prioritize, and consider next steps. Join us for roundtable discussions following Steve Reder’s closing plenary on Friday. All are welcome. These small-group facilitated discussions will help us articulate what we’ve learned, what we’re still puzzling about, and how we might respond as we part ways until LESLLA 2014.

  • LESLLA Partnerships Sessions – Everyday

LESLLA teachers need the latest research in usable form, but all too often, vital knowledge remains with LESLLA researchers and is not available to teachers.  At the same time, teachers seek answers to non-trivial questions about LESLLA learning and teaching but do not have opportunities to turn these questions into formal inquiries.  The “Partnerships in LESLLA” program aims to stimulate a new culture of cooperation and collaboration in the LESLLA community.

In early July, all LESLLA 2013 registrants were sent an email inviting them to join the LESLLA Partnerships program.  We’re hoping that, prior to the LESLLA 2013 Symposium, you will connect with a colleague and designated a time and place to meet at the Symposium.  (If this doesn’t ring a bell, please check your email and/or contact for more information).

The following times and rooms have been set aside for pairs to meet and discuss mutual teaching and research interests and identify possible areas of on-going collaboration.

1. Wed, August 7, 2:30-5:30, Library, 4th Floor
2. Thurs, August 8, 1:30-3:30, Library, 4th Floor
3.  Friday, August 9, 11:15am-12:15pm, Room 109 (Theater)

And here’s a bonus — all matched pairs who participate in the “Partnerships for LESLLA 2013” Program in San Francisco will be offered a spot for presenting their collaborative work in a special poster session at the 10th anniversary LESLLA 2014 symposium in Nijmegen, The Netherlands!  For more information, contact the “Partnerships in LESLLA” planning team at

  • LESLLA 2013 Business Meeting – All are welcome.  Friday, August 9, 2:00pm-3:30pm, Room 109 (Theater)


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